Adam LasusFireproof Recording

(Clap Your Hands Say Yeah • Yo La Tengo)

Aaron Miller

"Thanks for these awesome pres. I used them on drums last session and they killed! The output attenuation and highpass options were really helpful!"

Edward LewisGiant Wafer Studios

"The first session I used the missing links I put them on guitars with the filters set at 80 Hz and 6 kHz. It sounded so good that I am yet to try them on anything else because I don’t want to lose what they do to guitars, the only answer is more of them!"

Joe Walsh

(James Gang • The Eagles)

Curt Bisquera

(Drummer: Too many awesome credits to list, check him out!)

"James-I am LOVING these VP25 pres! Aggressive just like you em on kick and snare...reminds me of all the records I know and love. Thanks again!"

Jay Murphy • Pontchartrain Studios

Rob Sharp • Playroom Studio

Duncan Campbell (Sound designer and Composer)

"Recorded some female vocals with an AKG c12 and the VP26, wow did the difference blow me away compared to my other 500 series pre's - a lovely lovely, focused presence to the recording"

Michael Cabaniss

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you the LC's sound great. They are keepers. Thanks for building them for me, and for the fine and timely service."

Michael Boggs

"My VP26 has been trouble free and the build quality was excellent. I have used it on every project since I received it."

Robert Oberndorfer • Friendly Ghost Media

"The VP26's sound fantastic and the build is rock-solid."

Bill Gould • Koolarrow

Mark Antonides

"The VP26 is sounding great, definitely sounds way better than its cost in dollars"

Andy McDonald

I received the two VP28's yesterday and tried them out. Great job! I used the pair for the master bus on a track I've been working on and it was just what it needed. Very nice saturation and almost felt like compression too somehow... I haven't even connected a mic yet and I'm excited!

Brett BullionTarlton

Eddie Parise

(Bass player, Baby Animals)

Lars Halapi

(Sophie Zelmani, Ulf Lundell)

Ryan Gilligan