Here's a list of the most commonly asked question to help along the ordering process:

"How do I go about placing an order?"

This is the usual progression:

Depending on what you're ordering the exact process varies, but this outlines the majority of sales.

"Do you ship internationally?"

Yes! I ship anywhere in the world, although some countries I cannot insure shipments to, so sometimes special arrangements must be made, just shoot me an email if you have questions about this.

"What is an opamp?"

Opamp, short for Operational Amplifier, is an electronic component or series of components which amplifies voltage. In the case of a mic preamp, it is the portion of the preamp that boosts the signal level from a low voltage microphone or instrument level signal to a higher voltage line-level signal.

The 2520 style opamp which is used in all of the CAPI modules is a "Discrete Operational Amplifier" or "DOA", meaning the opamp is a small circuit board which consists of a series of discrete, or individual, components (transistors, resistors, capacitors etc..) which when assembled create a complete functioning opamp. The DOA differs from integrated circuits, IC's or more commonly, "chips" in this way. The advantages of a discrete opamp are that every component of the DOA's circuit is chosen seperately to be best for it's particular function, DOA's have better heat dissipation, and can often run at higher voltages. Here's a good article if you are interested in more on this topic: 990 Discrete Opamp

"What opamp choices do you provide?"

I regularily stock these different 2520-style opamps:

I can also provide other types of opamps on special request, if you have something in mind feel free to ask!

"What methods of payment do you accept?"

I accept Paypal, check, money order and bank transfers. Most people choose paypal because it is fast, easy and allows you to pay with a credit card. The downside of paypal is the 2.9% fee, which is already included in the listed prices. You can save 2.9% on your order if you pay with one of the alternate methods, money order or bank transfer is faster since checks take time to clear. Unfortunately the discount may not apply to international orders since there are fees associated with international transfers.